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Welcome to www.panpasific.com, the official site of  Pan Pasific International Ltd,  a reputable multi business holding company that deals in finance, property, excavation and manufacturing.

With operations in all major financial centres as well as a strong presence in South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. Specifically in United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands, People Republic of China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Brunei, Taiwan, Philippines, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and the Middle East to serve worldwide customers better than ever.

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Altough the global business today fluctuates with uncertainty,  Pan Pasific Holdings stayed, promising the outgrowth mainly to do business in the prosperous global markets, and we keep the management of experience personnel with quality and specialization, the principle of honesty, responsibility and creativity.

Today the financial markets investments business is kept prosperous for short term and long term,  Pan Pasific Holding has many years experience in global markets and can help manage the day-to-day aspects inculding helping to avoid risks, getting started international trade, managing your trade risks, online trade solutions, trade finance solutions, international payments, access to a foreign Exchange Dealer, online foreign exchange dealing system, Foreign Exchange risk advisory, and structured hedging solutions.

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